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How to Build a Recruitment Strategy

6 September 2022

How to Build a Recruitment Strategy


The recruitment process is a necessary part of every organisation, regardless of the type of business model or industry it operates. For an organisation's recruiting process to be effective and efficient, it is essential to develop a recruiting strategy.

Here, we discuss what a recruitment strategy is, why it's important and how to create one.


What Is a Recruitment Strategy?

A recruiting plan includes the strategies for identifying, interviewing and hiring the right candidates. It usually includes your hiring goals, target candidate profiles, your company's value proposition, marketing strategy for hiring, the process of selecting and onboarding new employees and your budget for hiring.


Why Is It Important to Have a Recruitment Strategy?

With an effective recruiting approach, you can decrease the need to fill vacancies at the last minute and get a higher quality of hires.

When recruitment processes are inefficient, high-quality candidates get dissatisfied and are more likely to apply elsewhere. Nowadays, recruitment must keep up to date with brand communication standards to avoid damaging brand perception.

Some other benefits of having a well-thought-out recruitment plan are it speeds up the recruitment process, optimises your recruitment budget and allows you to focus on finding the right talent.


How to Build a Good Recruitment Strategy?

Analyse current strategies

Examine your recruitment strategy for strengths and weaknesses. Ensure that your new strategy reflects your company's objectives, values and plans.

Determine recruitment goals

Establish clear recruitment goals. For instance, your goal could be to increase headcount, boost diversity, shorten the hiring process, simplify administrative tasks and enhance employee retention.

Identify your ideal candidates

The best way to identify your ideal candidates is to find commonalities among your top talents. Discover which qualities the most successful members of your team share. This will guide you in crafting a profile of your ideal candidates.

Decide on a budget and timeline

Based on your staffing requirements, your marketing strategy and recruitment costs, determine your budget and timeline. Planning this ahead of time is crucial to predict changes that need to be made and prepare for potential improvements.

Identify tools and technology that can help

Technology can automate tasks, replace spreadsheets with centralised databases and streamline your overall process. Some of the technologies you may want to explore for your recruiting process include job search platforms, applicant tracking systems and analytics applications.

Make a wide promotion

Developing a strategy that identifies the best forums for each position is essential. A job posting on your company's website is a good first step, so candidates can see what you're all about.

Other options include posting to job boards, advertising on social media, asking for referrals, reaching out to former employees, outsourcing and holding internal events.

Define your selection and onboarding process

A formal selection procedure in place ensures fair and balanced hiring. It might be handy to look into using Al, conduct phone interviews before in-person ones or create a selection committee to review applications.

Meanwhile, a thorough onboarding process might help you retain employees by enhancing their sense of security and confidence. You are highly likely to lose talented employees if your onboarding process isn't up to snuff.

A well-planned recruitment strategy simplifies the hiring process and makes it easy to attract top talent. It can be difficult, however, to develop a recruitment plan.


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