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5 Key Qualities to Consider When Hiring Sales Talent

6 September 2022

5 Key Qualities to Consider When Hiring Sales Talent


Recruiting sales talent can be challenging. People are looking for sales jobs in London and everywhere else, so when you post a job listing, you'll likely receive hundreds of resumes.

So, what's the best way to choose an appropriate rep for your company? What qualities are essential to look for in candidates?

Here, we'll discuss the top personal traits and skills when hiring a sales recruit.


Sales Force Recruitment: Top 5 Qualities to Look for

1. Ability to communicate effectively and listen actively

It might seem obvious, but reps must have excellent communication skills. Having empathy for their prospects and being able to read them is essential.

In today's world, communication goes beyond phone calls. Prospecting and selling today often occur by email, so salespeople should also be able to write well. A good candidate should be able to present a professional image and communicate effectively.

Active listening skills are also something you want in a sales talent. Active listening builds trust and rapport. By taking the time to learn about prospects, their needs and concerns, salespeople are better equipped to assist them. It's that kind of approach that ensures customer loyalty and long-term deals.


2. Willingness to learn

An excellent salesperson is consistently willing to learn. While nothing can be executed flawlessly every single time, the best salespeople are open to feedback and incorporating it into their sales process.

The most successful sales representatives are also passionate about learning new things and have a hunger for information. Inquisitive reps ask customers questions, demonstrating their interest. It's vital for salespeople to truly show interest in their clients and prospective clients. Clients and prospects must feel that reps understand and care about their needs and concerns.


3. High motivation and self-confidence

Self-motivation is an essential trait for employees in any field. However, self-motivation is particularly important for salespeople. An organisation's sales team would be stronger by bringing in someone who is not only reliable but also willing to set ambitious goals and work hard to achieve them. If they can't motivate themselves, it is very likely that they will not deliver what you expect of them.

You want salespeople who are self-assured in their abilities. Even though starting a new position can bring a feeling of trepidation, the best salespeople will show no signs of it when dealing with clients. However, note that confidence shouldn't lead to arrogance.


4. Resiliency

The sales industry can be highly challenging, so sales reps must have thick skin to handle the rejection they experience every day. Being able to deal with challenging customers, colleagues and teammates is a highly valuable trait that sales recruiters in London are typically on the lookout for.


5. Adaptability

Any salesperson can read a script, but the best ones can respond to unique circumstances on the spot. Sales reps must be able to improvise to handle tricky clients or unexpected situations. An effective salesperson should be able to grasp a situation quickly, understand what customers need, and propose appropriate solutions. At the very least, great salespeople must be prepared to deal with the possibility that things might not go according to plan.


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