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Why Use a Recruitment Agency

25 April 2021

When you’re on the hunt for a job, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of job sites online. With each one proclaiming to be the biggest and best in town, knowing where to start can be a job in itself and meandering through endless job boards and applications can be equally as painful.

To by-pass this headache, many jobseekers will enlist the aid of a recruitment agency to help them on their journey to jobhood - and with very good reason. There are a whole host of perks when it comes to using a recruitment agency, ranging from the sourcing of jobs to interview advice.

Need convincing? Read on for our rundown of why using a recruitment agency could be your dream ticket to your dream job.


Paid Incentive

Perhaps the most obvious and important reason for using recruitment agencies is the paid incentive that drives them. In the world of work, there’s no bigger motivator than the almighty dollar (or, in the case of us Brits, the equally almighty pound) and this most certainly works to your advantage as a job seeker.

Recruitment agencies typically won’t receive payment from the recruiter they are acting on behalf of until the job vacancy has been filled. As a result, this creates a mutually beneficial partnership between you and the agency where your placement results in a win/win for all parties involved.

By using a recruitment agency, you’ve essentially enlisted an extra pair of hands to help you find that elusive next job. The agency will be fighting your corner to ensure you make the cut as it not only benefits you, but benefits them as well.


Those in the Know

The old saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” may be a tired cliché but it also happens to be a fact of life. In the world of job hunting, lack of knowledge of the recruitment process can have a severely detrimental impact on your job search and see the role of your dreams slip through your fingers without even so much as an interview.

As such, the best way gain more know-how on the things you don’t know is to go to those in the know - ya know? When it comes to jobs, recruitment agencies are industry experts who deal with job placements on a daily basis. They live it, they breathe it, they have the branded t-shirts to prove it. Who better to go to for help on your job seeking journey?

Better still, the best recruitment agencies are often industry-specific: from graduate recruitment agency and marketing recruitment agencies to IT recruitment agency and digital recruitment agencies. Talent Wing is no exception and we pride ourselves on being one of the top sales recruitment agencies in the UK, with industry knowledge that’s second to none.

With roles perfectly suited to a single specialism, specialist recruitment agencies are well equipped with expert industry knowledge and, most importantly, first-hand experience of what recruiters want. This knowledge can then be passed on to you to give you the edge when it comes to writing a CV, submitting an application and nailing that all-important interview.


Invaluable Insight

Unsuccessful interviews can be a hard pill to swallow, especially when you think you’ve nailed it on the day. Sadly, feedback is one part of the recruitment process that is more often than not conspicuous by its absence, leaving you none the wiser on why you didn’t land the role.

It’s very rare that an applicant will get a call from an employer post-interview telling you why you didn’t get the role. Worse still, even if you actively seek out interview feedback, a response is far from guaranteed.

When you go through a top recruitment agency, feedback is part and parcel of the service. As the middle-man in the process, agencies will know exactly why you missed out and can report this info back to you, providing invaluable insight into what worked, what didn’t and what to work on for next time.

Best-selling business author Ken Blanchard once said that feedback is the breakfast of champions. While Ken’s breakfast table might leave a lot to be desired, the upside of such a diet is enough to leave you full with knowledge and satiated with a belly full of info to fill any holes in your game. So tuck in!


The House Special

One of the main reasons that employers use recruitment agencies to source candidates is often down to the sheer level of convenience. Advertising a job, sifting through CVs and subsequently interviewing all potential candidates is a time consuming process, and one many employers would rather avoid.

Recruitment agencies boast the innate ability to sift through the talent pool and leave the best of the best on shore for the employer to interview. This saves time and hassle on the part of the employer and increases the chances of them filling the role with a quality candidate.

As such, it’s not unusual for recruitment agencies to gain exclusive access to jobs that have not yet been published elsewhere. Meanwhile, employers will often have no qualms closing a job ad early if the ideal candidate appears, so may never make it to the wider job boards at all.

Similarly, recruitment agencies often have strong relationships with the top businesses in the area. Such relationships can result in an exclusive recruitment partnership, meaning you won’t land a role with Firm X unless you use their partnering agency. Consequently, it pays to be on the inside track, especially if you want to gain access to those elusive recruitment agency jobs.


A Helping Hand

Finally, one of the main perks of using a recruitment agency is simply the help and support they provide throughout. Hunting for jobs can be a long and tiresome journey, full of emotional ups and downs that can leave you frustrated and lacking motivation, particularly when applications are falling on deaf ears.

When you’re spinning your wheels on the seemingly never-ending road to employment, sometimes a kind word of encouragement can go a long way in helping you stay motivated. Meanwhile, a gentle nudge in the right direction with some expert insight when your application is veering off-course can be just what you need to ensure you stay on track.


Ready to find out first hand just how a recruitment agency can help you? Why not get in touch with Talent Wing today and speak with one of our very own recruitment specialists. Alternatively, head over to our jobs section to find some of our exclusive job vacancies today!


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