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How to Stay Motivated During Unemployment

12 April 2021

When you’re between jobs on the hunt for employment, the simple act of jobseeking can be a frustrating endeavour. Luckily, this handy blog is here to help lighten the load and keep your spirits high when you’re feeling low. Read on for Talent Wing’s top five tips on how to get motivated when looking for a job.


Avoid the Void

The daily routine of a full-time job can at times be all-consuming. As such, when you finally do jump off the treadmill of 9-5, it can be quite a shock to the system and leave a large, motionless void in your day. 

At first, the free time may seem like a welcome break from the rat race, provided some much-needed chill time. After all, staying motivated to work can be a task in itself sometimes. However, the down time can quickly degenerate into a haze of lie-ins, channel surfing and general inactivity, which can have a notably negative impact on your motivation.

Just as it’s important to take a few days to relax and recharge during the initial period following a job loss, it’s equally important not to remain in that rut for the foreseeable. It’s easy to develop bad habits during this time and, with Netlflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ just a fingertip away, weeks can fly by with nothing to really show for it.

Aim to get up at a reasonable time each morning and get ready for the day ahead as if you were going to work. That doesn’t necessarily mean strutting around the house in your Sunday best, but simply getting dressed and presentable can make the world of difference to your self-confidence and mentally prepare you for a productive day ahead.

Which bring us nicely to our next point...


Keep Busy

While the rolling regimen of “wake, work, sleep, repeat” can seem like a chore while you’re in it, an empty schedule with no definitive reason to get out of bed each morning can quickly lead to boredom. Worse still, it can also lead to a feeling of isolation, particularly if your friends and family are in work during the daytime.

As such, it’s a good idea to put that free time to good use. Don’t wake up at noon and spend all day in your boxer shorts, eating Corn Flakes from the box while watching classic episodes of The Simpsons (no matter how appealing that scenario might sound)! 

Naturally, finding the motivation to apply for jobs will be a necessity to get back into the world of work but, realistically, this won’t fill an entire day either. Make sure you pad out the rest of your day to keep your mind and body active.

Whether it’s getting in some exercise, socialising or boosting your education, staying busy is the perfect way to ensure you don’t slip into a cycle of late nights, later mornings and a whole lotta nothing in between.


Learn from the Pros

Another top tip on how to get motivated during a job search is to go right to the source and enlist the aid of the gurus themselves for job motivation. Motivational speakers quite literally inspire people for a living and can be a wealth of positivity when you need it most.

When you’re unemployed and looking for a job, motivational quotes can not only help boost your mood but also your productivity. A simple Google search will unearth a universe of career motivational quotes that have the ability to leave you feeling like you can take on the world.

Best of all, this kind of between job inspiration can come in many forms and can be honed to your specific interests and hobbies. If you love to read, why not search for motivational literature quotes. Fan of sport? Google some quotes from Muhammad Ali.  If you’re fascinated with technology, Steve Jobs is your man. The list is virtually endless!

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something a little more engaging, the internet is full of self-help videos to help you find the positives in life, from TEDtalks to Tony Robbins. Motivational speakers quite literally motivate people for a living and hearing these words from those in the know really can help change you mood and brighten your day.


Avoid Energy Vampires

Just as positivity can be infectious, so can negativity and negative people - or, as we like to call them “energy vampires”. Injecting your day with a healthy dose of motivational quotes can be a great way to inspire you to achieve more, but a run-in with an energy vampire can suck the life out of you faster than a Covid update from Mark Drakeford.

We all know someone who has a largely negative outlook on life with a “butter side down” mentality constantly updating their Facebook status with vague negativity. Similarly, chances are, you also know someone whose life is a constant drama requiring high maintenance friendship. These personalities can not only bring you down, but also drain you mentally and indirectly impact your motivation for applying for a job.

During a time where your own motivation may be tested, it might be a good idea to keep your distance from these people, even if it’s just temporarily. Try unfollowing that acquaintance who spouts pessimistic opinions online and avoid engaging in any dramas you’re not directly involved with.

Instead, surround yourself with positive people and you’ll feel all the better for it. If all else fails, break out the garlic, grab a crucifix and get Van Helsing on speed dial. Energy vampires, be gone!


Make a Playlist

Finally, a great outside the box way of keeping your spirits high and maintaining your motivation during unemployment is to simply make a playlist of uplifting music to guide you through your day. After all, music is medicine for the soul, so what better way to brighten your day than with a healthy dose of medicinal music therapy.

Staring longingly into the distance through a rain-soaked window to the sounds of “Hurt” by Johnny Cash probably won’t leave you feeling ready live, love and laugh. Try to avoid sad, slow and depressing songs that tug at the heart strings and, instead, add songs that make you feel good and never fail to make you smile.

Whatever music makes you feel good, load it up and let rip! Better yet, choose songs you love and are well-familiar. Singing along to these tunes can also help raise your spirits as singing has been known to reduce stress. Just don’t sing too loudly or it might have the opposite effect on your neighbours! 


With these helpful tips, you can help turn your time between jobs into a positive experience and arrive at your next employer ready, willing and able with positive outlook and the motivation to perform.


For more tips on motivation for employment, why not give us a call today and speak to one of our Talent Wing professionals? Alternatively, put that extra motivation to good use by heading over to our jobs section now!


If you'd like to discover more useful tips from industry experts on how to stay motivated and maintaining resilience during the jobsearch or how improve your sales and marketing skills, check out our YouTube channel now.


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