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How to stand out from the crowd during the job hunt

2 February 2021


The job market is the most competitive it’s possibly ever been as unemployment is at a record high, making it more crucial than ever to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. 


You could be the ideal candidate with years of experience, a wealth of industry knowledge, and a compelling track record of hitting targets, however, competition is super high right now and the other 50 people applying for the position could have all of those credentials too (maybe more!). 


So, how do you make sure you get noticed and get through to the interview stage?


We’ve put together some quick and easy tips to make sure you get noticed by the right people.


Be active, but selective 

Try not to panic and throw lots of “stuff” at the wall hoping that some of it will stick. Hiring managers are seeing hundreds if not thousands of CV’s almost daily. If you apply for something totally irrelevant it doesn’t reflect well on you, you’re better off utilising your time searching for roles that excite you and stand a good chance of getting.


Remember, take a step back, take your time, perfect your application and apply for roles that match your skill set but don’t let this hold you back from being ambitious. Being bold enough to apply for a role that sees you taking a step up on the career ladder will make you look driven and get you noticed. 


Do your research

Before applying for a role, research the business so you understand what they are about and what they’re looking for. This will not only help you decide if you want the job but will show that you are keen and actually serious about your application and career. Have a good look through their career page if they have one and get a feel for their culture.


Add a personal touch 

Tailoring your CV is essential if you really want the job. In our daily lives we can wear multiple hats, especially in our working day. Your previous role could have had hundreds of job titles and saw you responsible for sales, marketing, project management, chasing invoices and even tea making, so you might want to consider picking out key responsibilities and creating a targeted CV. 


Do some research, and tweak your CV with your relevant skills that match what the business is looking for. 


For example, create one that highlights your sales skills, another that showcases your marketing skills and a generic one that covers all bases (don’t worry too much about a tea making one!). Just make sure you send the correct CV for the right type of role - trust us, it’s an easy mistake to make!


Use job search tools 

Be super active, get yourself seen by using multiple job search tools such as online/community job boards, networking groups, social media and recruitment agencies. Not only do you get notified of any new vacancies, you can also upload your CV directly so you’ll be visible to potential employers. 


Some job boards give you the option to write a small intro to accompany your CV but it's important to try not to make this too generic, for example;“I’d really love to work for your company”. Instead, make it more sincere by being more specific, such as “I’d really love to work with X company, I had a look through your website and love what you did with X” (please don’t put the X’s in - its for explanation purposes!).


Obviously it’s going to be tricky to do this with every job that you apply for but if there’s a handful of jobs you really love, be sure to make it laser focused and personal.


Think outside the box

LinkedIn is like your shop window! It’s the perfect place to expand your network with potential employers. Just make sure your profile is up to date and demonstrate your industry knowledge with regular posts and getting involved in discussions.


Take risks 

If you’re looking to take the next step on the career ladder or enter a new industry, it might seem like a risk applying for something that seems out of reach. Don’t be afraid, if you do your research and have a good understanding of what’s expected, being bold might just pay off. 


Know your worth 

Depending on circumstances and where you are in the job search process, sometimes a sense of desperation can kick in. But remember, your skills are in demand and you should be paid for the value that you bring to the role. If you go into the new role not feeling like you are being rewarded appropriately, you’ll resent it and get off on the wrong foot with your new employer. 


Follow up

When you’re selected over hundreds of applicants to meet an employer for an interview, it means they think you’re a serious contender for the role (woohoo!). Taking the time to follow up with a short email after the interview reminds the employer of this and gives you the opportunity to show more enthusiasm for the role, it might just give you that final edge over your competition. 


Don’t be afraid to reach out through email or connecting on LinkedIn, even if you aren’t successful you might receive valuable feedback for your next interview.  


If you’re interested in finding out more about how to get noticed and pick up some valuable tips to help you in the job search process, we’re holding a special recruitment day with a host of recruitment experts and career coaches. 


We’ll take you through the entire job search process and offer you tangible, bespoke advice on your CV, the best tools to use, interview skills and how to handle rejection. Date to be announced soon - sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know!


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