Talent Wing Sales Academy!

We're very lucky to know some very well respected, successful sales people who love to share their experience and golden sales nuggets with us.

Here's a few videos which we hope will help you along your journey to the wonderful world of sales success. 


Rachael Howourth - How to give new starters the best chance of success

Finding and keeping good sales talent is super important for businesses, in this video Rachael Howourth gives us some helpful tips on how to make sure your sales people get the best start and the best chance of success. 


Nick Elston - How to Stay Resilient in Sales

Life as a sales person can be full of ups and downs, so the fantastic Nick Elston has shared 3 amazing tips here on how to stay positive and resilient in sales. 






Did you know we actually run digital and live sales training events too? Oh! you didn't? OK, well here's a video which shows a little bit more info:

We're super keen to help you with more hints and tips so if there's anything in particular that you'd like to see on here and learn more about just drop us a line