Recruiting Recruiters

Here at Talent Wing, we know that the world of recruitment is a fast-paced, unpredictable and challenging industry.

In order to succeed in this mile-a-minute environment, the people that inhabit it need to be hard-working, resilient and ready to take on whatever comes their way...which is exactly why we love ‘Rec 2 Rec’.


What sort of candidates do our Rec 2 Rec consultants look for?

Recruiters are typically armed with a diverse set of skills necessary for the world of recruitment.

These range from organisation and drive to sales proficiency and diplomacy, all married together within a consultative approach.

Recruiters are incredibly focused on fulfilling their client’s needs within their specialist industry or sector and concentration and attention to detail is of utmost importance. Backed by patience, personability and passion, it takes a special individual to run the gamut.

At Talent Wing, we actively seek out these individuals and are 100% dedicated to securing the most successful recruitment talent in the market. Whether that’s a hot prospect with a bright future in the game or a seasoned legend with recruitment royalty status, we’ll scour the earth to find them.


Who do Talent Wing Rec 2 Rec recruit for?

With almost a decade in the industry, Talent Wing has built up a reputation as a reliable recruitment specialist with a wealth of experience and expertise.

That tenure has also allowed us to forge a wide range of connections, including some of the best existing and emerging talent in the industry.

As such, we have become the company of choice for some of the biggest and best recruitment agencies in the world, entrusted to help them find their next crop of recruitment superheroes.

From financial services recruiters working with some of the world’s most prestigious financial organisations, to IT recruiters in need of smart, determined consultants driven by generous commissions and uncapped earning potential, we are the go-to rec 2 rec specialist of choice.


Why choose Talent Wing for Rec 2 Rec?

At Talent Wing, we really do cover all ends of the spectrum.

We’ve helped countless graduates take their first steps on the recruitment ladder, while we’ve also teamed up with high-end recruitment firms to secure them experienced recruitment superstars.

With a fantastic network of experienced recruiters and a great knack for identifying recruitment talent, our Talent Wing talent pool knows no bounds.

Best of all, our ever-expanding rolodex of connections allows us to easily pick up the phone and confidentially speak with proven consultants within our network who have evidence of a successful billing track record. If we don’t already have the right candidates – we’ll go find them.